Three Common Questions You May Get if You're Pursuing Adoption Through Snowflakes

  You have recently embarked on a unique journey to expand your family through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program! This path not only assists embryo donor families by offering a solution for their remaining embryos, but also grants you the opportunity to nurture and welcome an adopted child into your family. Experiencing the joys (and […]

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Is Embryo Transport Safe?

  The Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program facilitates the safe transport of your embryos to the referral clinic of your choice. You might wonder, "Aren't embryos fragile? Is it secure to ship them from one IVF lab to another?" The brief answer is yes, and here's why: Closely Monitored The entire process of embryo transport is […]

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Video Demonstrates the Power and Value of Embryo Adoption

In North Carolina a couple recently gave birth to a baby boy using donated embryos. The video details why they chose to use donor embryos. It also shares the perspectives of the donor couple. What were two of the issues raised by each family? The adopting dad is wondering, ‘what if my son meets a […]

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