Flexibility in Foster Care (& Life)

  "I’m not sure.” “Maybe?” “I hope so!” “Probably.” “As soon as possible.” These are just a few of the endless answers that push our foster (and adoptive) families to learn “the art of flexibility.” But is there such a thing?   When preparing foster families for the foster journey, we talk a lot about […]

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Partnership Parenting in Foster Care

  The reality of foster care is that many professionals and families focus on the children and forget about the parents of these children. The Department of Family and Children Services (2009) describes partnership parenting in foster care as a family-centered approach that merges the dual roles of placement and rehabilitation into one path. It […]

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Who is Who in Foster Care

  With each child or youth placed in a home there comes a team of professionals all dedicated to working together to make sure that each child has their needs met, feelings heard, and long term goals driving their decisions. For many it can get confusing as to what role everyone is playing, and who […]

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How COVID-19 Will Impact the Foster System

  COVID 19 has quickly swept through the nation as an unparalleled crisis. There is hope that the preventative social distancing steps will continue to protect at-risk health communities. However, this comes at a cost for children who rely on protective adults to keep them safe. Lengthy school shutdowns have been detrimental for many at-risk […]

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Open Your Heart to Foster Adoption

Learn more about Nightlight's Foster Adoption program on Nightlight.org.

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