Whether in orphanages, participating in summer tours, learning life skills or avoiding the cruel realities of the world, children need our help. The pictures below show some of the ways we are able to impact their lives by working together.


Orphan Galaxy recently gave $500 to an organization which helps prevent child trafficking and ministers to those who are recovering. Tony Brewer, of Orphan Voice in Vietnam, wrote the following:
“We have seen in the last few days a great act of evil–the greatest evil that we have personally seen. We are helping (or doing our best to help) a 14 year old girl who has been trafficked for sexual reasons. Doctors confirm the abuse and there is disease because of it. We are awaiting the HIV/AIDS test results, but even if that is negative, there is considerable disease. In my view, the girl lives as if she is still an innocent 14 year old (she still tries to believe that), and at night cries uncontrollably. She cannot begin to comprehend what has happened to her. The authorities are very supportive of the girl and we are grateful. The old hymn goes through my mind: What Can Make Me Whole Again?”
Your gift to Orphan Galaxy enabled us to support this precious girl with a donation of $500 in November.

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