Remaining Embryo Donor Resources

Webinar Resources to Help Placing Parents

Snowflakes Families Talk About Building Communications

The Benefits of Choosing Open Adoption

There is much fear and uncertainty regarding choosing an open adoption plan. Listen as the two couples tell their open adoption story and the steps they purposefully made to build trust and love into their new family tree.

Placing Family Stories

Adopting Family Stories (to help you understand ‘the other side’)

Fertility Clinic Options

For almost 20 years the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program has worked with clinics to help their patients realize the dream of having a baby – a snowflake baby! In order to help our families complete their Snowflakes adoption more quickly, we have established preferred partnerships with clinics located throughout the U.S., making it easy for you to choose a preferred clinic most convenient to your home. Snowflakes staff members complete many tasks ‘behind the scenes’ to help finalize your adoption.

Snowflakes allows your clinic to focus on what is does best – practice medicine! Let Snowflakes take care of the social and emotional elements that are an important part of your adoption. We have the experience and expertise. Our program is simple and successful.

International Embryo Donation