Embryo Adoption Webinars

People always ask us to recommend resources to help them on their journey of exploring embryo donation and adoption.  The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, a division of Nightlight, hosts educational webinars each month which are then archived for you to view at your convenience as a video.

With so many webinars to choose from, we wanted to let you know about three of the favorites that we consistently see help families be best prepared to parent through embryo adoption. You may view Past Webinars, on our Embryo Adoption Awareness Center website.


Personal Stories: Snowflakes Beating the Odds

An embryo does not have to be the most perfect or pristine to result in a baby. We love these stories of “little embryos that could”. We also love any story about babies being born out of the freezer, so we’ve done several other personal story webinars and we highly recommend them, too.


Maintaining Privacy While Honoring Your Adopted Child’s Origins

We know open adoption can seem scary. In fact, families share with us all the time that they are nervous about protecting their privacy when it comes to the possibility of having a relationship with the other family involved in their embryo adoption. This webinar addresses these fears while helping you understand the value that an open adoption can add to your family. We also have several other webinars on open adoption that we love – check them out as well!

Grieving the Loss of a Genetic Child

Families share with us every day that infertility and the losses encountered along the way really can take their toll. It is incredibly important to take a moment to slow down and knowledge the losses infertility brings before moving ahead with further treatment or adoption processes. This webinar will help you recognize where you are at in the process and provide valuable tools to processing through the past so you can step into your family’s future.