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The Benefits of Choosing Open Adoption

There is much fear and uncertainty regarding choosing an open adoption plan. Listen as the two couples tell their open adoption story and the steps they purposefully made to build trust and love into their new family tree.

Snowflakes Are Falling: A Program Overview


Respecting Adopted Embryos

Snowflakes Adopting Parents are usually matched with two or more embryos. When the embryos were created and subsequently frozen, each embryologist used his own methods to bring about the greatest success in thawing the embryos for a frozen embryo transfer. No one is able to determine if an embryo will or won’t survive the thawing before the thawing occurs. Unfortunately, not every embryo survives the thawing process.

Recently Snowflakes was approached by an organization called Sacred Heart Guardians that has a program in place which allows families to choose to have any embryos that do not survive the thawing process to be buried. We would like you to know this no-fee option is available to you directly from the provider, should you have an interest in using it.