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What Is A Snowflakes Family Evaluation?

We appreciate your interest in using the Snowflakes Family Evaluation (SFE). The SFE allows Snowflakes adopting parents, regardless of the state they reside in, the option of receiving their required evaluation directly from Nightlight rather than a third party adoption agency. You receive the benefit of having the services coordinated and provided by a Snowflakes professional social worker, often at a lower cost than a traditional adoption home study.

Nightlight is committed to providing you with excellent educational programs and guidance to prepare you to be knowledgeable and loving adopting parents. Our intent is to help prepare you to parent your child, a child who you give birth to, but who isn’t related to you. The Snowflakes Family Evaluation will be different for each embryo adoption, as everyone has different histories and experiences they bring into the process. The Snowflakes Family Evaluation will take about 2-4 months to complete and will consist of education, interviews, and paperwork.

Topics that will be assessed and discussed with your family during the SFE include:


Nightlight can perform Snowflakes Family Evaluations for families who live anywhere in the United States and internationally. We will assign social workers based on geographic location and availability.


Applicants must be committed to providing their child with a constructive, wholesome and spiritual home environment.


Adoptive applicants must give evidence of good health, both physical and mental, which will be verified during the application process by medical examinations and other evaluations as needed.


The SFE provider will spend time with you and your spouse seeking to understand the stability of your marriage relationship. As needed we will provide information to help you create a stable and loving home for an adopted child.


A formal educational component pertaining to parenting skills, adoption issues, and embryo adoption issues is required for adopting parents and will be included in the Snowflakes Family Evaluation. Our goal is to prepare you to be the best parents possible for your child.


Adopting parents must be able to provide a financially stable home, demonstrated by solid credit history and ability to live within their means.

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We are happy to answer any further questions you may have about the Snowflakes Family Evaluation. Call our Snowflakes Family Evaluation Coordinator Beth B at 859-263-9964 x143.

Getting Started with Your Snowflakes Family Evaluation

IMPORTANT!!! The Snowflakes Family Evaluation is only applicable to embryo adoption programs and is non-transferable to a domestic, international, or foster adoption services. The fees associated with the evaluation cannot be applied to other licensed home study services provided by Nightlight.


Fee Schedule for the Snowflakes Family Evaluation

Snowflakes Family Evaluation: $1,500.00 (If you are a non-Snowflakes program client the application fee of $500 is also assessed)

Social Worker Travel Expenses: $300-$500.00 (Actual cost for travel to your home will vary depending upon your location. A cost estimate will be provided prior to travel and fees will be assessed after your home visit.)

Background Checks: $50.00 – $150.00 for two adults (Actual costs vary by state and by the number of people over the age of 18 living in the home. Each must have a background check.)


The process for a Snowflakes Family Evaluation is as follows:

1. Complete your application with Snowflakes – the application is the starting signal for any Nightlight service/program. The application fee is $500.00. Once your application is accepted the first phase of the family evaluation begins. A fee of $1,000.00 is due at this time and you will receive instructions regarding your evaluation checklist which is completed before a social worker visit is scheduled.

2. Once your Snowflakes Family Evaluation checklist has been completed a social worker will be assigned and will be contacting you to coordinate a mutually agreeable time for a home visit. The second fee of $500 is due at the time of the home visit. Any travel expenses incurred will be invoiced after your home visit. The travel expense portion of your SFE fee must be received before the SFE report can be released to the Snowflakes program team.

Are you ready to start your embryo adoption journey? After reading the Snowflakes Information Packet and FAQs, please contact Paige, one of our Snowflakes Inquiry Specialists, at 970-578-9700 x139 and she will help you get started on your Snowflakes Embryo Adoption application.

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