Domestic Relative Adoption

Adoption of Relatives is very common and simpler than other adoptions, but still often requires the help of an adoption agency.

Relative adoption involves the adoption of a child by an immediate relative – grandparent, sibling, direct aunt or uncle – “close relative of an expected infant or an infant that is already born.”

If the child lives with the family for a year, then the process is called a kinship adoption.  A kinship adoption entails an abbreviated home study (including education and counseling) while complying with the requirements of the court.  If the relative is an extended relation – cousin, great aunt/uncle, etc, then the adoption would be a “designated adoption.”  In both cases there would be a need to do birth parent counseling, if possible.

Post placement visits are required until finalization, typically within 6 months of placement, if required by the Courts. If adoptions are not finalized within 6 months, additional visits and contacts are required until finalization.

Some states define the word “relative” differently (for instance, a step-parent), so our social workers will help you determine whether this is the right type of adoption for you, depending on what state you live in.

The fees for relative adoption are greatly reduced.  The fee is only $4000, and it covers counseling, home study, processing of the adoption, and three post placement reports.  Keep in mind, that the federal adoption tax credit is $13,500, which well exceeds the fees for this adoption, so it is very possible that ALL your fees will be reimbursed. 

Relative Adoption

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