Did you know that you can support Nightlight financially without spending a penny more than you already are on other things?  Here are a few ways to give all year long without sending money:

 amazon-smile-boxAmazon Smile

Every time you want to buy something on Amazon, simply go to http://smile.amazon.com instead of the regular amazon site.  It’s the same stuff, except they donate a percentage to your non-profit (choose Nightlight).


 credit card picCredit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards.  Some credit cards allow you to donate your reward points to charity.  See if your credit card offers this option, and search for Nightlight Christian Adoptions.


 CharitableHotels logoCharitable Hotels

Making a hotel reservation? Your next hotel stay can financially benefit Nightlight! It’s true. If you make your next hotel reservation through CharitableHotels.com/nightlight you receive discounted hotel rates, similar to other hotel websites, and Nightlight receives a financial donation! It’s a win-win! Give it a try the next time you’re making travel plans. Thank you!



When you sell on ebay, you can select a non-profit to donate any percentage of the sale you choose. See more here: http://givingworks.ebay.com/charity-auctions/charity/nightlight-christian-adoptions/55530/.  Also, check for items being sold by Nightlight, or by sellers contributing to Nightlight.


Cafe Press

Buy personalized, high quality items from Nightlight’s Cafe Press shop.  See http://www.cafepress.com/nightlight


 c4c-button-logoDonate your used car to www.cars4causes.net and select Nightlight as your recipient.





Good Search

Search the web with www.goodsearch.com.  Set this search engine as your homepage, and select Nightlight as your recipient.  Every time you search you raise money for us.



Select Nightlight as the non-profit recipient of your Kroger/Ralphs grocery card.  See https://www.ralphs.com/topic/community-contribution-2




Employer Matching

Many employers have corporate non-profit matching programs available to their employees. Because Nightlight is a non-profit organization, a portion of an adopting family’s program fees is considered a tax deductible donation. If you have paid fees to Nightlight, or made a financial contribution, remember to ask your employer if there are matching funds available. It’s a simple way to increase your donation without hurting your own pocketbook!


This is not a comprehensive list. Check with your human resources department to determine if your company matches non-profit donations.

United Way

If you make donations through United Way, you may designate that your donation be directed to Nightlight by requesting a Donor Choice Form from your United Way coordinator. Under “Special Care” write Nightlight Christian Adoptions.