After Renee and David were married the desire to start a family soon followed. When they began the family building process achieving pregnancy didn't take long, but sadly after an early miscarriage and a diagnosis of pre-menopause Renee and David's hopes of starting a family began to dwindle.

The Colorado couple began to explore domestic adoption when they learned about the newest form of adoption, embryo adoption. Excited about the opportunity to experience pregnancy, the couple applied to the Snowflakes Program. Renee and David recently shared a part of their story on the nightly news.

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***Contrary to what the Reproducitve Endocrinologist above states, the embryos donated for adoption have already yielded successful pregnancies for the families who are donating them. This is a great indication that the donated embryos may also produce a successful pregnancy for the adopting family. There have been children born from embryos that have been frozen for 20 years! The pregnancy success rate for frozen embryo transfers is actually 2 percentage points HIGHER than for fresh embryos (Fertility and Sterility Magazine article).

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