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Relative adoptions only. On July 14, 2014, the United States Department of State, Office of Children’s Issues put into effect the requirement that all intercountry adoptions required a US Hague Accredited agency as Primary Provider. This meant that families could no longer complete an inter-country adoption without a Primary Provider Agency. Nightlight Christian Adoptions agreed to work with families who were interested in adopting relatives or completing an inter-country adoption through the UAA process. As the countries are varied and across the globe, the adoption process varies according to the country. Many of the countries provide for a ‘guardianship’ process with the actual adoption taking place and being finalized in the US. Each situation is evaluated on a case by case basis to determine whether Nightlight can assist the family with their adoption. Some of the countries are signatories of The Hague and others are non-Hague countries. It is expected that the adoption process may take anywhere between 9 months to 2 years, depending on the laws of both countries. This program is for countries that do not have US adoption agencies which are licensed to work in those countries.

  • Varies according to the country
  • Dependent on the country requirements
  • Applicants must be at least 25 years of age
  • At least 18 years age difference between prospective adoptive parents and the adopted
  1. Complete our online application (Pay application fee $500)
  2. Complete our International Adoption Services Contract (Pay initial program fee and Monitoring and Oversight fee of $500 per child being adopted). The Monitoring and Oversight fee is paid to IAAME, the accrediting entity designated by the US Department of State/Office of Children’s Issues, the US Central Authority.
  3. Orientation meeting with Nightlight Staff, reviewing the intercountry adoption process through the Review and return Service Plan and Country Required Reading.
  4. Begin your Home Study with Nightlight or an accredited adoption We can provide a referral.
  5. Once your Home Study has been completed, Nightlight will review the Home Study and assist you with preparing your I-600A Advance Processing of Orphan Petition for US Immigration 600a
  6. You will receive an appointment to have live scan prints taken for the State Department.
  7. Your local attorney in country will need to provide verification of license and good standing in their country and sign documents verifying ethical standards with Nightlight.
  8. Begin work on your dossier – the documents required for the adoption in the country of your choosing.
  9. Once the immigration documents are provisionally approved, Nightlight will work with you on obtaining the necessary documents to complete your I-600 or I-800 documents.
  10. The country may require a bonding period in country with the child, prior to the court date giving guardianship/adoption to the prospective parents.
  11. Nightlight Clinical staff will review the Child referral, medical, social and psychological reports with the adoptive family, with the understanding that the family has likely provided these documents to the staff member.
  12. We will instruct you in filing the I-600 or I-800 with Immigration. (Submit final program fee to Nightlight)
  13. In countries where guardianship is given, you will receive a provisional approval to bring your child home under the guardianship, with the understanding you will finalize the adoption under US law, once you return home with your child.
  14. After the approval from Immigration, the parents will travel to the foreign country to complete the guardianship/adoption. Typically, this trip is from 1-3 weeks, and includes the finalization of the adoption in the court, filing of the adoption paperwork and obtaining the US Immigrant VISA to return to the US.
  15. Once you arrive home, you will notify Nightlight.
  • Often these countries require an official referral and bonding trip. You may be required to complete a home study by the country, of the home you will be residing in while completing the bonding Countries vary in this requirement although many require 3-6 months of bonding prior to the court approving a guardianship or adoption.
  • If only guardianship was given by the child’s country, upon arriving back in the U.S. you will need to complete a legal US adoption if your child entered the country under an IR4 VISA and Once you have completed the legal adoption, you can apply for Citizenship for your child. If your child travels home under an IR3 VISA, the child will receive the Certificate of Citizenship within 6-9 weeks after you go through US Immigration when you enter the USA following your adoption.
Nightlight Christian Adoptions is committed to preparing families for the adoption of a child with special needs. We provide pre- and post-adoption education and information regarding medical resources.

Please contact Savana Rowe,,  (502) 423-5780 with any questions.

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