Why I placed my baby for adoptionUnderstanding Your Options

True stories about adoption by women who have been in an unplanned pregnancy. This video will help young women understand what adoption is really like today, how it will affect their life and the lives of others, and how it compares to the other choices they have available. After watching it, they’ll be able to make a much better choice that they can live with. Click here to watch.

Adopt the OptionWhy Shae Chose Adoption

A real life testimony from a young woman in a crisis pregnancy and her amazing decision. Click here to watch.

An Open Adoption StoryAn Open Adoption Documentary: The Story of Madeline Brooke

This is a heart-warming story of two families who opened their hearts to one another and the precious little girl who continues to melt everyone’s heart all along the way. This video recounts two families who unknowingly, but desperately needed one another. Click here to watch.

Chapel's StoryChapel’s Story

A very touching film that was commissioned by the Kelly’s so that Chapel would know her story and so that they could share their story with so many others who might be struggling with the many different aspects of adoption. Click here to watch.