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I’m pregnant, what are my choices?

Where can you turn for help?

You have choices! Nightlight counselors are available to help you gather information regarding all of your options, so you can make an informed decision that you’ll be able to live with.


Even if you are sure you want to parent your child, we would like to talk with you. Talking with our counselors doesn’t obligate you in any way to place your baby for adoption, but it will help you plan for the future no matter what you decide.

We have a list of answers to questions frequently asked by women trying to make the best choice for themselves and their baby.

Adoption has changed over the years. Today’s adoptions are referred to as ‘open’ adoptions where women select and meet a family before making the decision about who will nurture their child.

To see some of our families who have been approved, go to our family profiles.

I’m pregnant, what are my choices?

You will decide the type of ongoing contact you want to have with the adopting family, whether it is through pictures, letters, emails, or visitations. You are able to get to know your child and over time your child will know about you and will always know how much you cared — because you chose a loving family for them. Adoption doesn’t cost you a thing, and our time, even if you choose to parent, is free. If you need help, adopting families can legally help with pregnancy-related costs such as medical bills, counseling for both birthparents, maternity clothes, and living expenses. Adoption is about loving your baby so much that you give them the world, being mature enough to admit you are not ready to parent, and responsible enough to choose the right family to care for your child. It gives you the opportunity to create a life for you and your child that you both can live with.If you’d like to learn more about the loving option of adoption, with no obligations, call us.The call is free: (888) 933-2237. We have profiles of couples who have who have already completed a home study and are ready to provide a loving home to a child: Adopting Parent Profiles.

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