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Nightlight Christian Adoptions believes that every child deserves a loving, permanent family. When you decide to become a foster parent, you provide a child in need with a safe and stable family environment. Life for these kids can be uncertain and chaotic. At Nightlight, we are seeking parents who have the compassion to love and the courage to care for them. Foster care is a temporary placement allowing birth parents to work on a treatment plan addressing the issues that created the family separation. If the birth family cannot remedy the situation, a permanent placement such as adoption or guardianship may be sought. Georgia is not a “Foster to Adopt” state, as the primary goal for children in foster care is reunification. Foster families must be committed to the goal of reunification with the biological family. Families also open to adoption, if the state determines reunification is not in the child’s best interest, are needed as well.

Working with a private adoption agency for foster care has many advantages. Our case managers have smaller caseloads and can offer more individualized attention. Additionally, should your foster care journey ever include adoption, our staff have experience in facilitating adoptions domestically and internationally and supporting families in the post placement/adoption process. Our training offers the most current and cutting edge information available. If you are looking to foster, Nightlight will complete your foster care home study and provide you with ongoing training and support.

Of the 400,000 children in foster care in the US, 100,000 are immediately available for adoption. In Georgia alone, there are about 14,000 children in foster care and not enough foster families.  There are about 500 children in Georgia between the ages of 2 and 18 waiting in the public welfare system for their permanent family. The majority of the children who are legally free for adoption are school age.

Foster children come from every social, economic, and ethnic background. Abuse, neglect and other family issues prevent these children from living with their birth parents. The children available through the Foster Care Program often fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Children that have experienced abuse and/or neglect
  • Sibling groups
  • Children with special needs, medical and/or emotional
  • Children’s ages typically range from 6-17 (major need)
  • Less frequently younger children are available, ages 0-6

You can make the difference in the life of a child, whether for two nights, six months, two years, or permanently!


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