Funding Resources for Embryo Adoption

It is possible to make your Snowflakes adoption affordable. Nightlight will help you explore all options. Many Snowflakes clients have funded the majority of their adoption and medical expenses through no-interest loans, grants, and fundraising!

All of the resources included in the financial plan below will provide assistance for embryo adoption. It can be helpful to apply for a variety of both medically focused and adoption focused grants as you gather resources for your adoption. We have included a financial planning excel workbook below. There are multiple worksheets within this file that may be helpful in your journey, be sure to look through all of them.


Building a Financial Plan Excel File


Watch this helpful webinar on options available for funding your embryo adoption.


Want more tips on funding your Embryo Adoption?

9 Ways an Average Person Pays for Adoption (and other helpful links)

How in the World Do You Afford Adoption?

Fundraising Resources through Nightlight

Adoption Bridge

AdoptionBridge is great crowdfunding website where you can tell your embryo adoption story, post pictures, videos, and keep people informed about what’s going on. You can accept donations from your friends and family, and these funds are sent to Nightlight (or your adoption agency). Set up a page for your adoption, and then send the link to all your friends, church members, family, etc.