Many placing parents are attracted by the fact the Snowflakes program follows an open adoption model. Why is it important?

The most important aspect of open adoption is the children. Your children and the children who will be born into the adopting family. Open adoption allows you to know if a child who is the full genetic sibling to your children has been born and to whom! Open adoption allows you to establish a mutually agreed upon level of communication with the adopting family for the future.

This communication may be:

  • Direct communication with one another
  • Mediated communication through Nightlight
  • Email communications several times a year
  • Private websites or Facebook accounts

Open adoption helps the child to have access to their story without shrouding it in secrecy. We have many educational webinars on the subject of open adoption and benefits to you, the child and the adopting family.

Other resources to help you learn more about this unique adoption choice which allows you to give birth to your adopted child!
Fearful to Fearless; The Understanding the Benefits of Open Adoption (webinar)
Shhhhh... The Difference Between Secrecy and Privacy (webinar)
Personal Stories: Connecting with the Donor Family (webinar)
The Smart Choice - Open Adoption (video)


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