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China Host Children - Summer 2015

Name: Xander

Age: 6

Xander is a happy, active boy who gets along well with both peers and adults. He is potty trained and can dress himself, but usually needs some help to take a shower. When we visited Xander, he enjoyed singing along with songs he knew and dancing to them with his friends. His smile would light up the room! Xander is personable and energetic, and loves using his abilities to help others.

Xander has been diagnosed with mental developmental delays and is currently enrolled in special education.

See a video of Xander here:



Name: Mei

Age: 12

Mei is a healthy 12 year old girl who is very sweet! She is very smart and knows some English. She was abandoned as an infant and an elderly couple found her and raised her. They are now unable to care for Mei and have given her over to the orphanage. We asked if she could come and they said yes!  The orphanage director is thrilled that she will have this opportunity. They all love her and know she needs a family!




Name: Charlie

Age: 13

Charlie is a wonderful little boy. He has repaired cleft lip and palate and currently is diagnosed with Hepatitis B. We will have more information on him soon!






Name: Hanson

Age: 8

Hanson is a quiet boy with a steady personality. His favorite subject is Chinese, and he enjoys playing basketball, spinning his toy top, and playing games with other children. Hanson is mostly independent with his self-care; he only needs help to take a shower. Hanson enjoys gymnastics, and especially likes performing cartwheels. Hanson hears only muffled sounds in his right ear, but hearing in his left ear is normal. Hanson has lots of friends at school and enjoys spending time with others.

Hanson has been diagnosed with Microtia (right side), cleft palate, and auricle (outer ear) malformation.

You can see a video of Hanson here:


Name: Harris

Age: 12

Harris is a knowledgeable young man with an easygoing temperament. He speaks easily with adults and enjoys playing with his friends at school. Harris enjoys a variety of activities, including ball games, playing hide and seek, riding his bicycle, and playing make believe. He especially enjoys soccer and is very skilled with his yo-yo. Additionally, Harris has just started learning martial arts. Harris lives in a foster home with two older siblings, and he helps out with chores at the house. He is currently behind in school but is studying hard to catch up to his peers. Harris is hard working and sociable, and will thrive in a loving home!

Harris has repaired imperforate anus. Harris cannot control his bowel movements and wears a diaper however, he is able to change himself without assistance.

View a video of Harris here:


Name: Ian

Age: 7

Ian is a lovely, outgoing child who loves to smile. He is very independent in his self-care and also enjoys caring for others and helping out with household chores in his foster home. Ian has a slight stutter, but this doesn’t stop him from communicating freely with others and getting along well with his peers. Ian loves school, especially Chinese class. He is very active, and told us he likes playing with trucks and playing hacky-sack. He has several foster siblings, and he enjoys playing with the family’s puppy.

Ian has been diagnosed with coordinated cerebral palsy but it does not keeping him from running and playing like any other little boy!

View a video of Ian here and here


Name: Micah

Age: 7

Micah is an outgoing and assertive little boy. He loves learning and going to school and is very curious about the world. He enjoys drawing, riding his bike, and playing ball games. Micah lives in a foster home with two older siblings. Because of Micah’s special needs, he eats a special diet of simple foods—one of his favorite foods is sweet potato. Micah has good communication skills and is very polite towards others. Micah is a lovely child with a friendly personality and lots of potential!

Micah is diagnosed with PKU which requires special dietary restrictions.

View a video of Micah here:


Name: Ryan

Age: 10

Ryan is a smart 10 year old boy. In the mornings he is able to clean and dress himself to get ready for school. He currently is in 3rd grade and he always makes A’s and B’s! He is also very athletic. His caretakers say that he has good coordination and likes many different sports. His favorite activity is jump roping! Ryan enjoyed showing off his skateboarding skills when we visited him.

Ryan has been diagnosed with bilateral microtia and an auricle deformity.

Check out a video of Ryan here:


Name: Channing

Age: 10

Channing can be a shy little 10 year old at first but overall he very expressive. His caretakers say he is able to talk about many subjects and is very good at making a point. In school it is easy to tell that he is good with language, as English is his best class! He is currently in the fourth grade and his teachers say he is well behaved in class. After school Channing enjoys skateboarding. How fun! Channing has been diagnosed with hemiplegia of the right side and spastic cerebral palsy. Channing has a beautiful smile and playful spirit!

Channing has been diagnosed with right hemiplegia and spastic cerebral palsy.

See a video of Channing here:


Name: Shane

Age: 11

Shane is a lovely child who is quick to smile. Shane is patient and well-behaved, and communicates well with others. He is in the top 5 students in his class of 51 and performs excellently in school. Though he has some vision problems, he said that this does not hold him back because he studies so hard. Shane is independent in self-care, and even knows how to cook noodles! He enjoys playing any type of ball game with his friends and is developmentally on target. He performs martial arts, and is a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do. His favorite subject is math, and he even knows some English. Shane is the middle child in his foster family. When he grows up, Shane wants to be a scientist. He is a bright boy who knows how to persevere to achieve his goals!

Shane has been diagnosed with repaired cleft lip and microthal which is an eye deformity.

See videos of Shane here and here


Names: Sam

Ages: 8

Sam is an outgoing little boy with a big personality. He gets along well with his classmates at school and is very respectful towards his teachers. He loves communicating with others and is quick and thoughtful in his responses. Sam is able to care for himself independently. He enjoys all kinds of activities, including soccer, volleyball, and drawing. Sam wants to be an athlete when he grows up. Sam is learning Tae Kwon Do and will start elementary school next year. He has many foster siblings who he gets along with very well.

Sam has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy. It affects his left side which can make it difficult for him to use his left hand and speak clearly. However, his gross motor skills are similar to those of other children his age.

View a video of Sam or here


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