2010 Uganda Mission Trip: Day #7

Our whole team in Jinja

Our whole team in Jinja

Today was a humbling day.  We visited the Nairungu slum area of Kampala with Manna Ministries.  We broke into groups of 5 and went along with the Manna Ministry leaders and translators.  We had 2 women accept Christ while we were ministering to them.  Many of these families live in homes large enough only for 2 or 3 people to enter and stand comfortably.  One woman lived in a home that was only large enough for her twin bed.  Another lived in a very small home which housed 12 family members.  Needless to say, we were overwhelmed by the poverty we saw.  The people here were very gracious and so thankful to have us visit.  Today’s visits made us even more grateful for the beautiful guest home we are staying at and the delicious meal that was waiting for us when we returned.  My camera battery died early this morning so I don’t have many photos from today.  I’ve uploaded a few from the last two days though.  Yesterday we went to Jinja and finally got a picture of the entire team.   The day before we visited the Comforter Center which is the only crisis pregnancy center here in Uganda.   Thank you to everyone who continues to keep us in your prayers.  We are truly blessed.

Ladies at the Comforter Center

Ladies at the Comforter Center


Vivian enjoying her company

Vivian enjoying her company

2010 Uganda Mission Trip: Day 4

Painting, painting, painting

Painting, painting, painting

Today was a big day.   It is amazing what you can accomplish with a team of 20 to 30 people.  We worked at the babies home building the gazebo and painting for many hours.  Our team is tired but doing great.  We will be back working tomorrow bright and early.  We also plan to visit the Comforter Center tomorrow.  I am uploading some photos but it will likely take all night.  Therefore, I hope that this post comes up with the photos eventually.  My apologies if it doesn’t.

Working hard on the gazebo

Working hard on the gazebo

2010 Uganda Mission Trip Day 1, 2, and 3

God’s hand is clearly present over our team.  Before leaving, we had 4 people become ill and with the power of prayer, all 4 of those people were still able to travel and are now healthy!  The staff at Delta airlines were all incredibly gracious even when some of our luggage was over the weight limit.  Our flights were smooth and our team is outstanding!  Today was our first official day to begin work.  We went to the Tender Hearts Babies Home this morning and unloaded our many supplies provided by so many generous donors.  The construction team planned our projects, and we went to work buying supplies.  If you have never been to Africa, you may not know that everything takes longer here.  We had hoped to start working today, but the planning and purchasing of materials took up our entire day.  The day was still a productive one.  We held and loved on all 4 babies at Tender Hearts and played with neighborhood children coming home from school.  Julie from Calvary Chapel lead the children in a beautiful rendition of “Jesus Loves Me”, then they sang to us many other songs they knew.  The children were so joyful and happy that we came out of the compound to spend time with them.  Prior to our joining them in the street, they were looking at us through the fence and under the gate.  It is hard to express the joy that we all have in being here.  We are so grateful to everyone’s family and friends who donated to make this trip possible.  Kenneth hugged me so tight at the airport, and he did not want to let go.  I have cried many tears already, and it is only the first day in Uganda.  I had hoped to post some pictures, but unfortunately our internet is very slow.  I will definitely post photos when we return.

The Nightlight Uganda Mission Team Soon Departs

Thanks to everyone who donated toward our team members’ expenses and also toward the babies home.  We have raised enough money for all team members to travel and to complete all of the projects we had in mind for the babies home.  We have also received multiple donations, such as, baby formula, medical supplies, vacation bible school materials, and so much more! 

It is hard to believe the time is finally here.  Our team of 22 people will be leaving Saturday October 23rd and returning November 1st.  Please keep the team in your prayers.  We plan to take many photos and update the blog as much as possible.  To quote one of our team members, “I can’t wait to see what God is going to do.  We have already received so many blessings, and we haven’t even left yet.”

Uganda Update, October 2010

So much has happened since our last update. There is much to tell and we pray that God will receive all the glory. We have had our first official adoptive family matched with a child in our baby’s home. All of their dossier paperwork was sent this week, and our attorney will soon begin the court procedures for them. This is very exciting news! We have 3 additional children in need of placement. Our next family to be matched is interested in a girl, but we are awaiting some medical information to come back before we can match our 2nd little girl. Our two little boys are still waiting for a match. We have some families in the program who are still working on home studies and dossiers. Hopefully, we will be able to match all 3 of these children very soon. Continue reading

Uganda Video

Nightlight Christian Adoptions has put together a video with photos from our last mission trip to Uganda. It tells a great story about the people of Uganda and is very compelling. Please feel free to use this video in your church and community events to raise support for Tender Hearts Babies Home.

Ugandan Children Visit Southern California

The following post is by Kathryn Deiters from Nightlight’s CA office, which served in an advisory role to Calvary Community Church, which organized this Uganda tour.

Ten beautiful children from Uganda just left America after 2 weeks of summer fun with families in Southern California. Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village brought the children over for a very special time with their host families — going to the beach, water park, attending Vacation Bible School, going to church with their host families, and enjoying that special feeling of living with a family that loves them.

On Sunday, July 25th, they put on a performance at Calvary, dancing and singing, dressed in their colorful African costumes. (See YouTube videos below.) Some of the children gave their testimonies, sharing how God has brought them through very difficult losses in their short little lives. But despite the losses they’ve experienced, they know the love of their heavenly Father. He is the one who has seen them through their struggles and gives them a joy they we in bountiful America too often lack.

Bones Anthony: From orphan to evangelist

The following testimony is from Bones Anthony, an evangelist and church planter in Uganda, where Lisa Prather recently visited several orphanages and children’s homes. Bones was legally orphaned as an infant, and here he relates his testimony of God’s grace in rescuing him.

My mother was an Alcoholic; she was a single parent. By the time me and my twin brother (Chris) were being born, she was really in bad shape. I am told that she would spend days away without coming home even to see how we were.

When we were 3 months old, she came home one day in the afternoon, very drunk and wanting to commit suicide. She took the pair of us, her youngest kids, and headed for the river. Fortunately, other people followed her and just at the time she threw me in and jumped in with my twin, they jumped in and rescued us.

I still get tears in my eyes even today as I write when I remember this, how desperate her life was, and how fragile ours was.

Anyway, after being rescued we were taken to a foster home, and a court order was issued to her that she could not take us away. We then were raised by a British man and his Kenyan wife who took in orphans from the streets of Eldoret town.

This was God’s doing. We grew up with 40 other kids, we went to good schools, and we had more going for us than even other kids in our estate. Continue reading

Tuesday from Uganda

Yesterday I visited Mama Mary’s house. Mama Mary is a former Muslim. After accepting Christ, she felt called by the Lord to take care of orphans. She was a school master at the time and found that she could not turn away children who could not afford to pay their school tuition fees. She also began taking orphans into her home. However, the school eventually collapsed because there was not enough money.

At that point she had lost her job and had many orphans staying in her home. Her friends thought she had gone mad. The Lord has continued to provide for her and the children every day. She now has 38 children in her home. Some of these children have been with her their entire lives and are now old enough to help out. For the most part though, Mama Mary who is 52 years old, does all of the work. It is very obvious that she loves the children and that they love her immensely.

The ministry here that I am traveling with is called Equipping with Truth. They are currently paying for the rent at Mama Mary’s and also raising funds to provide food to her and the children monthly. I also brought many toys and coloring books for the children thanks to many generous donations. The children played and enjoyed a few moments of just being children.

Continue reading

A Call to Uganda

273From the Lisa Prather, Nightlight Christian Adoptions Assistant Director:


There are an estimated 2 Million orphans in Uganda. Many of these children are orphans due to losing a parent to AIDS. I will be traveling to Uganda next week as a representative of Nightlight Christian Adoptions. My goal is to make contact with adoption professionals and visit a few orphanages. In addition, I will be distributing clothes, food, formula, and other needs to the orphanages I come into contact with. Financial donations are welcome. It is our desire to begin an adoption program in Uganda. While I am in Uganda, I plan to update our staff as to how the trip is going. If you would like to follow my trip as well, please check back here for updates.

In Christ,

Lisa Prather, LMSW
Assistant Director