Tuesday from Uganda

Yesterday I visited Mama Mary's house. Mama Mary, a former Muslim, she felt called by the Lord to take care of orphans after accepting the Lord. She now has 38 children in her home.

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A Call to Uganda

Lisa Prather will be traveling to Uganda next week as a representative of Nightlight Christian Adoptions. Her goal is to make contact with adoption professionals and visit a few orphanages.

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Interview with Matt Thien: 10 Songs 10 Days Africa

Matt Thien's most recent CD project 10 Songs 10 Days Africa was established to benefit the Tumaini Mission Center in Nakuru, Kenya, home to over 100 orphans. Matt spoke with us regarding the inspiration for his project and how the gospel has influenced his view of humanitarian aid and orphan care.

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Russell Moore's proposed resolution on adoption and orphan care

Read the excellent resolution Russell Moore has submitted to the Southern Baptist Convention's Resolution Committee: "On Adoption and Orphan Care: A Proposed Resolution." (HT: Dan)

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Family Prayers for Orphans

One of the ways our family seeks to serve orphans is by praying for them at supper time. I've had the opportunity to travel to orphanages in China and Ethiopia. So I printed out pictures of orphans I've had the privilege of meeting on those trips and put them on our refrigerator. Each time we […]

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Our Tragedy and God's Gift of Adoption

As many of you know, in honor of his daughter Maria Sue, Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a CNN article entitled, “Our Tragedy and God’s Love for Orphans.” It is a great example of how vertical love (God’s adoptive love for us) can move horizontally (our adoptive love for an orphan). Steven’s article about Maria and […]

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True Religion: A Gospel-Centered Look at James 1:27

To read the article, click on the image below, and you will be able to download the article as a PDF.

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The Louks: an interview about caring for Romanian orphans (part 2)

This is the second and concluding portion of my interview with Joshua Louk. The first part can be read here. Joshua and Laurel's personal ministry blog is http://thegospelinaction.com. You have a particular interest in ministry to orphans. What motivates that? The Lord used a CNN documentary called "Easy Prey" to plant a burden in my […]

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Ten Ways Every Christian Can Care for the Orphan

Family Life's Hope for Orphans shares 10 ways every Christian can care for the orphan and waiting child. 1. Plead with the Father for Them 2. Speak Up For Them 3. Give Them What They Need 4. Support Those Who Support Them 5. Provide Them a Safe Place 6. Go Visit Them

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