Nightlight Volunteers turn Tragedy into Hope

Three months ago and on the other side of the globe, a 2-year-old African orphan named Vivian died of bacterial meningitis. While the news might not seem so out of the ordinary considering the continent’s state of affairs, Vivian’s death was a blow to two local residents who had met and come to love the Ugandan toddler.

Temecula residents Kellie Falk and Courtney Atnip had traveled to Uganda last October to visit the orphanage where Vivian lived and deliver supplies and comfort to the toddler and others staying at the facility. There, they fell in love with little Vivian, Falk said.

Adopting the HIV Positive Child, Part II

Because HIV infection is so serious, and children and adults alike are more prone to other infections, keeping a child strong and healthy is very important. And because children do not have the same reserves as adults, good nutrition is especially important for them.  In poorer countries and in orphanages, where children oftentimes receive less than optimum nutrition, their bodies are further compromised and more prone to infection.

That is why in other countries, orphanages dedicated to the care of HIV positive children receive extra funding  and attention so that the children can receive the extra medical and nutritional care that they need.

If you are considering adopting an HIV positive child, most likely you are adopting a child who is a true orphan and you will truly be giving a child the gift of life. We at Nightlight will be featuring children from Eastern Europe and Africa who are HIV positive. There are certainly considerations that need be taken before you and your family decide to adopt a child who is HIV positive and you will want to be well educated regarding HIV and AIDS in general and the issues you and a and HIV-positive child will face. Continue reading

Be Our Guest: Luncheon for Pastors and Laypersons, March 31st

cambodianHelping the Church Help the Orphan

If you are a pastor or a layperson in North or South Carolina starting or involved in an orphan ministry, we want to provide you with tools and resources to assist you. It takes more than a commitment to follow the mandate to care for the fatherless. Prayer, fellowship, awareness of the need and tools to meet the need are all essential. Let us encourage you in the work and give concrete steps to help you further your church’s ministry.

Date: Thursday, March 31, 2011
Time: 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
(arrive anytime after 11:30 a.m.)
Where: Brick Street Cafe
315 Augusta Street, Greenville
RSVP: Laura Beauvais-Godwin, [email protected]

Dan Cruver
Together for Adoption and author of Reclaiming Adoption

Dr. Rhonda Littleton
A Home for Me, Simpsonville First Baptist Church

We hope you will join us as our guest for this informational luncheon. Included at the luncheon will be many resources along with a copy of Dan Cruver’s new book Reclaiming Adoption.

Carolina Christian Alliance for Orphans Pastor’s Luncheon

Uganda Update (ways to support the team’s work)

As many of you know, we are planning to take a team of missionaries to Uganda October 22nd through November 1st. We currently have about 17 missionaries committed to the trip. In addition to raising their own funds to pay for their trip, we also need to raise funds to complete projects while we are in Uganda. Below is a list of projects that Kenneth (Tender Hearts Baby’s Home Director) has suggested the team could do while in Uganda. Naturally, we can not expect to do every project in 10 days. However, what we are able to do, will likely depend on the amount of support raised. If you or your church would like to contribute to any of these projects, please click the donate button below. Please feel free to pass this e-mail on to anyone you know who may be interested in helping.

  1. Children’s play area; Swings, One slide, climber, Merry go around & see-saw
    $ 1400 USD
  2. Gazebo: Poles, bricks,Iron sheets,cement,sand & stones + labour costs
    $ 2000 USD
  3. Painting;Paint, roller brushes,paraffin (Cost varies depending on area painted)
    $ 900 USD

Click here to donate.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Nightlight’s Speakers’ Bureau

Nightlight is Speaking Near YouNightlight has a Speakers’ Bureau available to speak in Southern California, Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. We are available to travel to other states upon special request.

We are here to speak on the various topics:
• Share the plight of orphans and give your group creative ways to make a difference
• Discuss the fate of stored embryos and the difference embryo adoption can make for these unborn children
• Adoption Around the World: Making a difference in the lives of orphans through international adoption
• How to give hope to a girl or woman facing an unplanned pregnancy

Below are some special dates throughout the year in which you may want to have speaker on that day or close to that date as well as suggested topic. Continue reading

Tuesday from Uganda

Yesterday I visited Mama Mary’s house. Mama Mary is a former Muslim. After accepting Christ, she felt called by the Lord to take care of orphans. She was a school master at the time and found that she could not turn away children who could not afford to pay their school tuition fees. She also began taking orphans into her home. However, the school eventually collapsed because there was not enough money.

At that point she had lost her job and had many orphans staying in her home. Her friends thought she had gone mad. The Lord has continued to provide for her and the children every day. She now has 38 children in her home. Some of these children have been with her their entire lives and are now old enough to help out. For the most part though, Mama Mary who is 52 years old, does all of the work. It is very obvious that she loves the children and that they love her immensely.

The ministry here that I am traveling with is called Equipping with Truth. They are currently paying for the rent at Mama Mary’s and also raising funds to provide food to her and the children monthly. I also brought many toys and coloring books for the children thanks to many generous donations. The children played and enjoyed a few moments of just being children.

Continue reading

A Call to Uganda

273From the Lisa Prather, Nightlight Christian Adoptions Assistant Director:


There are an estimated 2 Million orphans in Uganda. Many of these children are orphans due to losing a parent to AIDS. I will be traveling to Uganda next week as a representative of Nightlight Christian Adoptions. My goal is to make contact with adoption professionals and visit a few orphanages. In addition, I will be distributing clothes, food, formula, and other needs to the orphanages I come into contact with. Financial donations are welcome. It is our desire to begin an adoption program in Uganda. While I am in Uganda, I plan to update our staff as to how the trip is going. If you would like to follow my trip as well, please check back here for updates.

In Christ,

Lisa Prather, LMSW
Assistant Director

Interview with Matt Thien: 10 Songs 10 Days Africa

10-songs-10-days-africa-matt-thien-musicMatt Thien and his wife Christie live in Conyers, GA, with their two young children, Baylee and Brayden. A Naval flight officer, Matt also has established himself as an independent musician becoming involved in writing, composing, recording, and all things encompassing music business for the last 2-and-a-half years. His passion for music has taken a humanitarian focus as his most recent CD project 10 Songs 10 Days Africa was established to benefit the Tumaini Mission Center in Nakuru, Kenya, home to over 100 orphans. Matt spoke with us regarding the inspiration for his project and how the gospel has influenced his view of humanitarian aid and orphan care.

This project was inspired by a mission trip to Kenya. Describe how that trip touched your life and gave you the inspiration for 10 Songs 10 Days Africa.

A friend approached me earlier this year saying she had experienced a dream where I was in Kenya playing my guitar and doing a concert for some of the Kenyan people. The description of that dream really stuck with me and I decided that I would pursue a mission trip to Kenya.

An organization called The Beech Foundation organizes bi-annual mission trips to Kenya to work with several churches and missions in the area of Nakuru. I joined one of their trips in June of this year and wanted to use my talent as a musician to somehow become involved in supporting these brothers and sisters in Christ. The trip would last ten days in Kenya so I prayed that God would grant me the creative ability to write 10 songs in the 10 days while I was there, hence the title “10 Songs 10 Days Africa.” Continue reading

Family Prayers for Orphans

One of the ways our family seeks to serve orphans is by praying for them at supper time. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to orphanages in China and Ethiopia. So I printed out pictures of orphans I’ve had the privilege of meeting on those trips and put them on our refrigerator. Each time we eat supper our children choose a different orphan to pray for. Once they’ve made their choice and have the picture of their orphan in hand, we talk about what it means for God to be a “father of the fatherless” and how He adopts us into His family. We then take turns praying for each of their orphans.

On Saturday our youngest (4) prayed for the little girl pictured in the middle of the far right column. Here’s what he prayed:

“Father, thank you for my wonderful family; and I love the orphan that I chose today. Give her a mommy and a daddy, some toys, a couch, and lots of food to eat for her tummy. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”