Clubfoot: A Special Need of Children from China - Part I

This is part one in a 4-part series on clubfoot. Many of the more than 2,000 children who are on the China special needs list have clubfoot. In general, it is condition that can be readily treated and treatment may begin while the child is still in China.

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Part III: What Parents Can Do If a Child Has an SPD

Sensory processing disorders can require a lot of work and understanding from parents. In helping and nurturing our children through the issues and conditions they will face, our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God.

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Part II Why Children Develop Sensory Processing Disorders

Why children develop sensory processing disorders is not completely understood. It appears to be related to genetic, prenatal, and early environment.

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Sensory Processing Disorders and Your Child: Part I--Description

Sensory processing disorders often affect children who have spent their early years in an orphanage setting. These disorders can impact a child's socialization and learning skills.

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Nutrition and the Child from China: Part II

Overall, children from China do very well. In one study in looking at children adopted into Canada from China,in which the children on average were 13 months old when they arrived home, they were doing as well as other children in Canada at three years old.(Incidentally, these children arrived home about 10/11 years ago, when […]

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Nutrition and the Internationally Adopted Child

This is the first in a series on nutrition and the adopted child. There has been a growing interest in the nutritional needs of adopted children. There is a webinar  recorded through Adoption Learning Partners and the Spoon Foundation presented by Dr. Dana Johnson called “Food for Thought.”  You can listen to this webinar for […]

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