Supporting your Adopted Child During the Holidays

  Christmas can be so magical, and it can be fun to watch your child’s excitement and anticipation during the holiday season. But, Christmas time can also be a difficult time of year for children who joined their family through adoption or foster care. The holidays may bring up difficult memories from previous holidays or […]

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Post Adoption Resources

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you                                                                                                                         Matthew 7:7   Adoption is a beautiful, life-changing experience filled with joy and challenges. Although completing the adoption process and waiting for what feels like an eternity is difficult and a huge achievement, […]

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Why Embryo Donors Should be Celebrated!

  If you have ever had children, you know what a gift they are to your family. Yet there are thousands who struggle with infertility issues year after year. Couples who longed for the laughter of a child in their home found their answer in embryo adoption. Of course, this would not be possible without […]

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Nurturing your Marriage While Fostering

  When you and your spouse started talking about foster care, you probably had an idea of how your home would be affected - new children, increased volume, schedules being rearranged to accommodate visits and appointments. But did you consider how your marriage would be impacted?  The call to parent kids from hard places can […]

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Performance Quality Improvement 2023 Q3

Nightlight Christian Adoptions continues to grow and improve. Each quarter, we prepare a quarterly Performance Quality Improvement report. If you would like to see our improvement, please click the link below to our PQI Quarterly report. PQI Quarterly Report Q3 2023

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Navigating the International Adoption Process

  International adoption is the process by which families adopt children from foreign countries and there can be a lot to navigate. Each country has its own regulations regarding adoption laws, making the process complex and variable. Travel times can differ significantly between countries, as can the overall adoption process, which often proves lengthy and […]

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Birth Parent Resources: BraveLove

  I first came across BraveLove as an adoption professional, early in my career. I had just moved in with a college friend who is also a birth mother. She was telling me about an organization that describes themselves as “a pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for […]

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Balancing Your Child's Privacy After Adoption

  Your adoption is complete and you have settled nicely into a routine. You are now ready to start adventuring out and bringing family and friends in. As you approach new communities and introduce your child to those you love, it can be hard not to share all the details about how your family became […]

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Flexibility in Foster Care (& Life)

  "I’m not sure.” “Maybe?” “I hope so!” “Probably.” “As soon as possible.” These are just a few of the endless answers that push our foster (and adoptive) families to learn “the art of flexibility.” But is there such a thing?   When preparing foster families for the foster journey, we talk a lot about […]

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Addressing the Misconceptions of Open Embryo Adoption

  There are many misconceptions when it comes to embryo adoption or embryo donation. One of the many we encounter here at Snowflakes are misconceptions about open adoption. Whether you want to donate your remaining embryos or receive embryos to grow your family, you may encounter several misconceptions surrounding these opportunities.   Families donating their […]

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