Oldest Snowflake Meets Newest Snowflake

Hannah and Ruth LawsonIn July 2014 an extraordinary event took place. Hannah Strege and her family were vacationing and were able to meet Tim and Ruth Lawson. The unusual part of their meeting is Hannah is the very FIRST baby born as a result of embryo adoption and Ruth is carrying the NEXT almost-ready-to-be-born Snowflake baby! Baby Lawson will be Snowflake #380!

Both of these ladies are rejoicing in the new life that is preparing to come in to the world!

For families with remaining embryos, embryo adoption allows them to choose life for embryos that may otherwise remain frozen or be destroyed. Embryo adoption allows the family to choose the family who will adopt their remaining embryos and give birth to their adopted child.

Embryo adoption is an amazing, unique and wonderful option available to help families trying to decide what to do with their remaining embryos AND give those embryos the opportunity to live the lives they were created for!

Learn more about embryo adoption at Snowflakes.org.


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