First Snowflake Advocates for Embryo Adoption

Strege FamilyA recent post on Jim Daly’s Finding Home blog highlighted the work of Hannah Strege, the first ever Snowflake Embryo Adoption baby.  Daly explains that even though Hannah is still young, she has already had a huge impact advocating for the Snowflakes Program. At two, Hannah met with members of the U.S. Congress. and has met with President Bush and other government officials since.

Most recently Hannah spoke at the Nightlight Christian Adoptions Gala in March, focusing not only on the Snowflakes Program, but also on her faith.

Now I have to be honest and say this,” Hannah said. “When I was little and my mom mentioned Nightlight, I always thought of an actual Nightlight. But I notice now, that Jesus is shining His light on me to be a representative for Him.”

To read more about Hannah, pleas visit Finding Home. To learn more about Embryo Adoption, please visit Nightlight’s Snowflakes Embryo Adoption page.



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